What You Can Expect From An Executive Search Recruiter…

Marshall Loeb’s Daily Money Tip: When a Recruiter Calls You
“What should you do if you get a call from an executive recruiter, a professional headhunter? Be sure to take the call. Never brush off a headhunter, or play too hard to get…”
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Why You Should Use a Recruiter: Working with Executive Recruiters
“Executive Recruiters hold the key to the ‘hidden job market’- career opportunities that aren’t posted anywhere else. These professionals hold great influence within the hiring organization…”
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Beware of Counteroffers
“You’ve been approached by another company and offered a position with growth and potential and a moderate increase in compensation. You’ve analyzed and agonized over the decision to leave a good (or bad) job for what could be a better one, and have accepted (or decided to accept) the offer. However, upon resigning, your current boss asks you to stay…”
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Resume Tips…

Ten Tips for Successful Resume Writing
“Many people agonize over writing a résumé, and often for good reason. It is challenging and difficult to write an effective, creative résumé that gets results. Most prospective employers decide after reading the first few lines whether or not they want to interview you…”
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Interviewing Strategies…

Acing an Interview is No Mystery
“There are no magic questions and no magic answers during an interview...”(click here to learn more).

Ten Steps to Better Interviews: Strategies that will help you
“Many job hunters are poorly prepared to interview. They believe that since they’re smart people who can think on their feet, they can ‘wing it’ in interviews and still make a great impression on hiring managers. In most cases, they’re wrong…”(click here to learn more).